Keeping Your Aussie "Up"

Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent and active animals. They love a job. If ignored and left unattended for long periods of time they become very bored and this can lean to destructive behavior. Imagine how a child would develop if left in the same circumstance. You must interact with your dog as he grows so that he may develop a healthy body and mind. Make sure to have an extra containment for your Aussie. Remember, he is a herding dog and if allowed out of the yard into traffic he may attempt to "herd" bicycles and cars. Have a safe place to exercise your dog, either in your yard or take him to a safe place (park, etc.) on a regular basis. If you have outside chores to do, consider including your dog in them. If at all possible, become involved in one of the competitive venues that Aussies love to excel at: Agility, Herding, Fly Ball, Obedience, Tracking, or even Conformation Showing. These dogs love to participate in these and they are wonderful activities for the whole family. We will be happy to assist you in contacting someone in your local area to direct you.


Introducing Our Newest Available Litter

These Sweet puppies belong to Max(sire) and Bella (Dam).


Available Litter

Max(sire) and Lexi(dam) are the proud parents of these incredible pups.

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